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Powertrekk promises outdoor outlet freedom

PowerTrekk is a portable fuel cell charger for use by outdoor enthusiasts who spend time away from the electricity grid. PowerTrekk provides instant power anywhere to electronic equipment such as mobile phones, digital cameras and GPS devices. PowerTrekk is a 2-in-1 solution that is both a portable battery pack and fuel cell. The portable battery pack can be operated on its own as a ready source of power or storage buffer for the fuel cell. The fuel cell enables instant charging from a deflated battery state without ever needing a wall charge."

I want one of these. Period.


BrainPort Remaps Sensory Input to Tongue

Image from http://vision.wicab.comNeuroscientist Paul Bach-y-Rita's work on sensory substitution has spawned BrainPort, a sensory remapping unit that uses the tongue as sensory input interface. BrainPort uses the tongue to map the image picked up by a camera into discrete electrical points with up to 600 image points. BrainPort has also been used to correct balance in patients with vestibular dysfunction. See the facinating video on Wired Science!

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The Reverse Geocache Puzzle

When Mikal Hart's friend got married he built a box that could only be opened in a special location. An absolutely brilliant idea and he share's how he did it!

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Build your own digital microscope

Digital microscopy systems can cost thousands of dollars but a very useful model can be assembled by using one decent compound microscope and consumer products that cost less than $150. Many hospitals and universities have retired micorscopes that can be adapted to this task. The plans found here show how to modify a commonly found microscope.


Principles of pulse oximetry

Pulse oximetry notes on Scribd gives a clear overview of what you need to buld your own.


Helping horses gallop

Using inertia sensors Andrew Spence has show how the jockey smooths and helps the motion of the racehorse. Watch the movie here.

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Hand Dynamometer

This simple hand dynamometer is made by attaching a strain gauge to an easily available Hand Exercise Grip.

"A hand dynamometer is used to measure grip strength. The measurement of grip strength allows for comparison of left and right hand grip and muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue can be measured by comparing the difference in hand strength measurements taken before and after an experiment has been performed. In sports, handgrip strength is important for those games where the hands are used for catching, throwing or lifting. In geriatric, one study found that poor hand strength can be used to predict disability in older people."

From Emant Pte Ltd which has several other cool projects to check out.

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ECG with software noise reduction

Scott Harden has a great section on his blog about his DIY ECG and heart rate analysis. He lets the software GoldWave clean up the noise in the signal and uses nonshielded electrodes.

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DIY pressure sensing

This is a useful component to build for all sorts of projects. For instance, stuck to the seat of ones pants and then recording how equal ones body weight is distributed across the back of your horse.


Computerized Dynamic Posturography Validity & Efficacy Studies

A rather nifty table of applicable studies on posturography to be checked out before bulding your own.