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GOSH list of List of Open Hardware Projects

"The Grounding Open Source Hardware (GOSH!) Workshop and Summit at The Banff Centre bring together makers, producers and theorizers of open source hardware to facilitate the emerging dialogue on both artist-driven and socially conscious open-source hardware. From prosthetic limbs to electronic hardware, the breadth of open source hardware projects and distributed models of manufacturing suggest that it is time for these disparate manufacturers, designers, artists and engineers to come together to discuss the common issues of their practices."

The link to OSH projects is


Project HH1 – Low Blood Sugar Alert Device

Peter Semmelhack is building an open source low blood sugar alert device. It is built on the premise that low blood glucose levels will increase heart rate which can be picked up and transmittet to a pulse meter with an alarm.

Image courtesy of Jakob Suckale and Michele Solimena.